Dhoroil Mallikpath

Hi friend’s wellcome to my village, This page about a village in dhoroil mallikpath. It is a renowned village in the district of Pabna.  It is an old village. This is very small village but it’s a most striking and very beautifull. There is some people are farmer, some people factories worker and many people are employer in this village. So i think they are all people very happy and proud for this village, even i’m also proud for that i live in a village to Dhoroil Mollikpath.

Dhoroil Mallikpath

This photo caption by into village, There is many green fumigants with nice weather, even most striking birds in this village to dhoroil mallikpath. There is some tea shop into this region, maximum people are come in this shop for relax at leisure time. It is three kilometers away from the thana. It has a population of about five hundreds, Most of them are Muslims. The village is not thickly populated. There are a Primary school, The primary are really good for the boys and girls for their education. The village has easy means of communication. My village is famous for various cultural activities like football, Cricket, boat race etc. So above all we can say always this is really awesome village of dhoroil mallikpath.

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